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Oracle is a well-established player in integrated cloud applications and platform services.
Avenue Code is the leading consulting agency specializing in e-commerce transformation for enterprise organizations. Together, we implement  quickly customizable e-commerce solutions with extremely stable infrastructure and well-configured cloud capabilities.

Because of our expertise with complex, large-scale, omnichannel systems, leading enterprise organizations are turning to Avenue Code as the preferred systems integrator for Oracle Commerce Cloud. Our team of experts is highly adept at building engaging multi-channel applications
that boost customer loyalty and increase sales.Shopping Items Lineart

See It In Action

Avenue Code & HOPE Lingerie

Utilizing our technical expertise with Oracle Commerce Cloud solutions, we built a new e-commerce platform with sophisticated functionalities for HOPE Lingerie in just 30 days.

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We were very pleased to work with such a competent and committed team, and we hope to collaborate on several projects together in the future. Avenue Code can count on us for a strong recommendation!
Vanda D., e-commerce Manager

About HOPE

For more than 50 years, HOPE Lingerie has been Brazil’s leading provider for women’s intimate fashion. HOPE’s mission is to transform women’s lives through garments that are both comfortable and fashionable, offering a full line of products that includes bras, panties, bodies, lingerie, pajamas, and accessories.

HOPE partners with several prominent fashion designers to offer three major Brazilian brands: HOPE, HOPE Resort, and Bonjour Lingerie. HOPE has over 180 franchises in Brazil, a presence in more than 18 countries, over 1,800 employees globally, more than 4 thousand points of sale, and a 20 thousand square-meter fulfillment center. HOPE produces more than 7 million new garment offerings each year.

The Project

When HOPE launched their new beachwear and fitness brand--HOPE Resort--they needed to design a new e-commerce platform that was distinct from yet corresponded closely with their primary website for accurate brand representation.

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Our team at HOPE was unanimous in praising Avenue Code for their excellent work.
Danubia M., e-commerce Coordinator

The Opportunity

HOPE needed to launch their new e-commerce platform for HOPE Resort in just 30 days. Their new platform needed to include all the features present on their primary website, which had been designed and were still being adjusted by a different team of developers. In addition to replicating web content without seeing its code, Avenue Code defined best practices for Oracle Commerce Cloud implementations in collaboration with the wider OCC community.

The Results

Using a customized Oracle Commerce Cloud solution, Avenue Code successfully delivered a high-quality eCommerce solution in just 30 days. Though developed by separate teams on separate platforms, the new HOPE Resort web platform carries the same brand look and sophisticated functionality as the primary HOPE website.

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It was great to work with Avenue Code; they are brilliant and extremely committed. They can count on me for any reference!
Fernanda B., e-commerce Coordinator

Defining Your OCC Solution

In just 30 days, Avenue Code built a completely new e-commerce web platform for HOPE, which perfectly matches their primary website, using a flexible Oracle Commerce Cloud solution. If your company needs a website expansion, replatforming, or first-time implementation, we are eager to bring our OCC expertise and commitment to your project. Contact Ulyana Zilbermints or Holly Vander Wall to learn more.


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Ulyana Zilbermints

VP of Business Development

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Holly Vander Wall

Director of Marketing and Client Services

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