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For over a decade, Avenue Code has served as the leading software consulting agency focused on delivering end-to-end development solutions for digital transformation across every vertical. We offer premier solutions through a hybrid onshore and nearshore delivery model that combines local, onsite talent in San Francisco and New York with creative and collaborative teams in Brazil.

Today, we’re excited to announce a third delivery center in Montréal with easy access to many major U.S. tech hubs.

Why Montréal?

This onshore delivery opens access to international expertise and support for diverse markets. There are several strategic advantages to partnering with our Montréal consultants:

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Access to Global Expertise.

Operating from a global metropolitan city enables our consultants to present and implement insights and best practices from the U.S., Europe, and beyond. Our teams actively collaborate across all of our locations and can deliver the best approaches to serve your development needs.

VR Leaders.

Montréal is recognized as a creative hub and a known leader in the field of VR, giving our consultants another way to offer information on the tech trends of tomorrow.

Effortless Communication.

Montréal is situated near the Eastern Seaboard and shares the Eastern Standard Time zone. Furthermore, with English as one of Canada's two official languages, communicating and partnering with our skilled teams has never been easier.

Competitive Delivery Cost.

Perhaps best of all, our Montréal services are priced midway between our local U.S. consultant and Brazil consultant rates, allowing us to accommodate a variety of budgets by customizing a team across multiple geographies. Benefit from this combination of highly-skilled, onshore expertise and budget-focused, nearshore cost savings.

Explore Your Opportunities

The opening of our new Montréal office enables us to offer flexible solutions and world-class support. Interested? Let’s start a conversation.