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Street children around the world
are not a new phenomenon.

Your donation can help
them to have food security
and better conditions for their development.


AC Hope is an NGO spin off of Avenue Code Technology Consulting Group with a charitable focus on the help and nurture of homeless children and children-at-risk around the world.

We are committed to finding permanent solutions for homeless children by providing shelters, education, and healthcare; thus, enabling them to realize their full potential and become integrated back into society.

Want to learn more about AC Hope and how you can help us support children worldwide?

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Our office is headquartered at 26 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States



AC Hope’s Mission is, to save the street children who have been orphaned, abandoned, outcast, abused or exploited, from the dangerous and hopeless life on the streets.

We are providing shelters, housing, education, and mental and physical health care.

AC Hope strives to heal the wounds of these children, to nurture them in an environment of safety, integrity, social maturity, and to empower them to live a healthy life with dignity, irrespective of their religion, sex, color, or creed.



AC Hope is currently sponsoring several care centers in
Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Initiatives in Brazil vary in their core services from full housing and care for children 0-6yo, to daycare and afterschool centers for children 0-12.

We are currently fully sponsoring 10 different centers and our team is researching to expand or sponsor new centers.


AC Hope is currently sponsoring a children's daycare center in Damascus providing shelters to children of families that have been severely impacted by the late civil unrest, thus giving their parents a chance to seek and cultivate employment and restart their lives.

This particular initiative is a part of a sustainability program that sponsors care centers for a five-year stretch with a goal of helping the centers to reach sustainability and stand on their feet.


Our Middle east initiatives are focused on day care and after school education centers with a five year plan for them to reach sustainability before we disengage. In Egypt, we are sponsoring a whole village in the south of the Nile River valley with extreme poverty.

The initiative sponsors everything within the village from workshops, career development, skill training, daycare centers for 500 families facing extreme financial struggle.


This is a focus initiative to help homeless families with one year of free housing and a plan for parents to seek work opportunities and become sustainable.

This initiative is a hands-on mentoring training and direct financial support of selected families.

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Join AC Hope and help us to build a better future for thousands of
children and their families worldwide. Your contribution is essential
to keep providing them the support they need.